Well folks I have been in whippets since was 18 mths old, my first ever dog was called Judy she was my best friend who eventually gave me her son Pip. I was lucky enough to of had these particular 2 beautiful dogs into my late teens. Whippets are known as an old mans dog. This is because as a rule these dogs are easily trained and love nothing more than to become a couch potato. Altho these are running dogs they don't require walks covering many miles each day. If trained well and recall is good you able to walk to your nearest field and simply let them off the lead which they then exercise them selves but doing laps around the field (zoomies) then return back to you ready for home.
Whippets do not chase cats if trained not to! 
This breed must be one of the fittest and most healthy of all breeds of dogs. They currently do not
require any health test in the breed. Let's hope it stays that way.

   Pure Whippets rarely come up in rescues unlike other breeds and when they do they are snapped up straight away. 
  I have been showing whippets since my teens. I pride myself on the genuine smaller type of whippet and not the bigger type seen in these later years. 
   Knowing these dogs have given me so much pleasure over the years is why I decided to give something back to the dog/animal world hence running Creature Comforts Rescue Center. 
  I still have my beautiful Whippets and hope I breed many show champions as does every person in the dog show world. 




sadly we only have a few of our whippets now due to old age and not really breeding any to replace them . to much rescue work and not enough dog show time i am not happy to say .We do on rare occasion breed a litter of whippet which is usually of show quality, we do not wish to add to the long list of abandened dogs but we love showing and would love to have bred the best show whippet ever !!  You may ask then why run a rescue if were a breeder ? but thats a real simple one to answer , I have had whippets since i was 18 mths old and loved to show my whippets so i thought i would help the dog / animal situation by running a rescue centre. 

Jini running

BLUE Whippet

SOCKS Whippet .
Image 1

CHARLIE . Whippet dog

Image 1

Image 1 HONEY




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